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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding107,231,155
Short Interest Shares2,435,773
Float (%)95.60
Institutional Ownership (%)82.98
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)51.92
Insider Ownership (%)4.40
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)58.43
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 20988,975,537
New Positions 211,671,914
Increased Positions 602,791,172
Decreased Positions 65(3,974,627)
Soldout Positions 25(791,041)
Net Change (302,582)
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Jefferies Group LLC0.0003/31/2018(18,188)
AssetMark Inc.0.0003/31/2018(77)
BOKF NA0.0003/31/2018(53,589)
R. Stewart Eads Investment Counsel Inc.0.0003/31/2018(11,440)
Wells Capital Management Inc.0.0003/31/2018(24,500)
Millennium Management LLC0.0003/31/2018(35,501)
AJO LP0.0003/31/2018(81,089)
Sterling Capital Management LLC0.0003/31/2018(43,800)
Atlantic Trust Advisors, Inc.0.0003/31/2018(3,176)
Smithfield Trust Co.0.0003/31/2018(475)
City National Rochdale LLC0.0003/31/2018(43)
Two Sigma Investments LP0.0003/31/2018(83,764)
Choate Investment Advisors LLC0.0003/31/2018(40,005)
Parallax Fund LP0.0003/31/2018(16,212)
J.P. Morgan Whitefriars Inc.0.0003/31/2018(645)
Signia Capital Management LLC0.0003/31/2018(188,881)
S.A.C. Capital Advisors L.P.0.0003/31/2018(23,196)
Laurion Capital Management LP0.0003/31/2018(40,639)
Menta Capital LLC0.0003/31/2018(24,801)
Verition Fund Management LLC0.0003/31/2018(10,325)
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust0.0003/31/2018(54)
Zeke Capital Advisors LLC0.0003/31/2018(10,250)
Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors LLC0.0003/31/2018(833)
Stone Ridge Asset Management LLC0.0003/31/2018(5,158)
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