Balance Sheet 
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(in thousands)     
Real estate assets 
Land 185,479183,930170,021196,178191,578
Buildings and improvements 1,603,9411,604,9841,637,0661,822,1831,792,784
Fixtures and equipment 1,1701,6772,5284,1364,841
Total 1,790,5901,790,5911,809,6152,022,4971,989,203
Less accumulated depreciation 222,252266,284299,991337,228348,652
Real estate assets, net 1,568,3381,524,3071,509,6241,685,2691,640,551
Acquired real estate leases, less accumulated amortization 183,454138,714108,046125,491105,811
Investment in non-consolidated REITs 80,49478,61177,01975,16573,876
Asset held for sale NANA03,87131,868
Cash and cash equivalents 19,6237,51918,1639,33511,537
Restricted cash 643742233186
Tenant rent receivables, less allowance for doubtful accounts 5,1024,7332,8983,1134,706
Straight-line rent receivable, less allowance for doubtful accounts 42,26147,02148,50250,93051,590
Prepaid expenses and other assets 10,50610,2925,4845,2315,124
Related party mortgage loan receivables 99,74693,641118,64181,78072,250
Other assets - derivative asset 5,3213,0201,13212,90711,333
Office computers and furniture, net of accumulated depreciation 709609484313287
Deferred leasing commissions, net of accumulated amortization 27,83727,18128,99934,69733,548
Total assets 2,044,0341,936,3901,919,0152,088,1332,042,567
Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 
Bank note payable 306,500268,000290,000280,000295,000
Term loans payable, less unamortized financing costs 620,000620,000617,647765,217765,861
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 44,13742,56149,48957,25955,241
Accrued compensation 2,9853,7583,7263,7841,929
Tenant security deposits 4,0274,2484,8295,3555,367
Other liabilities - derivative liabilities 2,0447,2688,2435,5514,364
Acquired unfavorable real estate leases, less accumulated amortization 14,17510,9089,4258,9236,961
Total liabilities 993,868956,743983,3591,126,0891,134,723
Stockholders' Equity 
Preferred stock 00000
Common stock 1010101111
Additional paid-in capital 1,273,5561,273,5561,273,5561,356,4571,356,457
Accumulated other comprehensive loss 3,277(4,248)(7,111)5,4784,940
Accumulated distributions in excess of accumulated earnings (226,677)(289,671)(330,799)(399,902)(453,564)
Total stockholders' equity 1,050,166979,647935,656962,044907,844
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity 2,044,0341,936,3901,919,0152,088,1332,042,567

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